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Our First Two Months in Business

Our First Two Months in Business

It's crazy to sit down and reflect on the fact that we are truly business owners, and opened our dream business, c&e fine jewelry. After a two month whirlwind we've now taken a step back to reflect on what a life changing time this has been and how meaningful this journey is to us. Taking a dream that was so precious to us and making it reality was not a small feat, but it was special every step of the way sharing it with each other and our husbands and children. Once we shared the dream with others we were met with love and support we could only dream of. And now that we are opened it's been even more meaningful to see the reception from the community and visitors we've had to the store.

When we were creating c&e we wanted a welcoming, and aesthetically pleasing place where women could come play with jewelry. Over the past two months we've told so many women, "try it on" "it's better on than off" "your jewelry is meant to be worn" "try on the jewelry, and see how it makes you feel" this space is not meant to be a traditional jewelry store, it's supposed to be a place to come and feel beautiful, comfortable a...retreat! To see people understand our intentions when they come in and love the overall feel of the space, the beauty of the jewelry is truly a dream come true.

We have been extremely proud to share about the women designers we carry in our store, as female business owners and mothers of two girls each, it has always been about empowering women. We are so proud to honor these female designers by telling their story, each and every one of them is an inspiration to us.

When we opened the store we were unsure of who our visitors would be, would they be tourists visiting Solvang, or would they be locals? We could not have expected the amount of encouragement and support we received from the valley residents. We try and step into the shoes our customers, what are they looking for, how do they want their jewelry to represent them? As we select and add pieces to the store we hope our selections represents women of all ages, sparking instant delight and pleasure in finding the perfect item just for them.

Please remember every time you share our story, talk about our store, we notice and the thoughtfulness in your efforts is so meaningful to us. We've loved having events in store including our piercing party and grand opening, and have enjoyed hosting pop ups at local businesses! We look forward to hosting more events, including trunk shows hosted by the designers themselves! Thank you again and we can't wait to see you again soon!


Cierra and Elise