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New Designer...Dana Kellin

New Designer...Dana Kellin

We are proud and honored to introduce the newest designer to our store. Dana Kellin stole our hearts long ago, with her use of color (we love a good pop of color) and attention to detail in every piece of her work. When we reached out to discuss a partnership, we met her sister Elizabeth and had a long and enlightening phone call about female entrepreneurship, our love of jewelry, their values, our excitement, you name it we talked about it! 

Once we connected on the phone and decided that it would be a "match made in heaven" we made an appointment to go to LA and hand select the jewelry we would be bringing into the store! 

Cierra and I love a good road trip and used the time to catch up (just kidding we talk all day every day), and finish the book we were listening to "The Dead Romantics" by Ashley Poston. We give it a solid rating of 5/5. We stopped at the LA Mart first to find new giftables for the shop; we fell in love with Practical Magic (fun cocktail mixes), Cast of Stones (stone forward rope strung bracelets and necklaces), and Malibu Sugar a fun kids jewelry line (because our kids have been begging us to carry something specifically for them.) 

Elizabeth had us meet her on the fifth floor of their building which look like a modern warehouse set high above the city with views for days. Anytime we meet a new designer we are nervous/excited, but the energy Elizabeth, Dana and their team exuded made us feel comfortable and part of their family. We even got to meet her mom during our visit. Our visit quickly turned in to an hours long shopping session where we had the HARDEST time making our ultimate selections. Every item just sings with life, which comes from the love and attention Dana Kellin's team imbues in their work. 

Our selections are of course a representation of our tastes but, we also hope a beautiful reflection of their craft. Elizabeth asked about who our clients are, their tastes, and where we want to take our store. She created a story line with the pieces to help us create collections that can stand on their own, or be coupled. Her passion for the jewelry truly showed in her recommendations and inspried us and our own career.

Many of the pieces we selected are adorned with labradorite; which is know to help an individual regain energy while aiding the body and spirit in healing itself.  

This line balances a mixture of feminity, beauty and craftsmanship. You can view her whole collection in our store, here.

After our visit we decided to sneak out to Elephante in Santa Monica, we've been wanting to go there forever, a blogger BroccYourBody we've followed for years always posts about going there and their amazing food. It didn't disappoint! We sat out on the balcony overlooking the Pacific Ocean and enjoyed their whipped eggplant, Margaritas and Vodka Sauce pasta. 

And then after a whirlwind of a day, we headed back to our families!