Our Story

C&E is a Fine Jewelry Boutique in the heart of Solvang, CA created by best friends, Cierra Podsednik and Elise Quick. After becoming friends, they quickly became a huge part of each other’s lives. Supporting each other through motherhood, careers, life’s ups and downs; a bond was forged through time together, dedication to one another, and a one of a kind connection.

When women support each other, incredible things happen.

Cierra and Elise began dreaming in 2020 of how to strike a better balance of both being a professional woman in business and also engaged as a mother. Spurred on by their biggest cheerleaders, their husbands; they threw caution to the wind and quit their 9-5 job.Their husband's confidence in their abilities, and trust in their vision was a huge part of why this dream became reality. With the creation of C&E it allows Cierra and Elise to be available for all the milestones of their children’s childhood, AND the ability to create and run a business that brings them joy.

In everything you do, add a touch of luxury.

C&E brings a fresh perspective on a fine jewelry store. They wanted to create a beautiful space that leaves you feeling inspired. Cierra and Elise couldn’t think of a better way to spend each day; sharing their joy of jewelry with others. What does jewelry mean to them? It’s a tie to the past; they both still wear many pieces from their grandmothers who’s story continues as they wear their jewelry. Each piece of jewelry represents a special moment in life; a reminder of a life well lived. Cierra and Elise look forward to assisting you in finding pieces that will be part of your families story for generations to come.

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.”

- Rachel Zoe

As the dream came into focus...

Solvang became the destination for the future. With ties to Elise’s grandfather and great grandfather who opened Solvang Rexall, and the countless moments spent there in her youth, the celebration of the past and excitement of all that Solvang is and will be, made it the perfect choice for C&E. The close knit community, with a flare for celebrating year round, has a bit of magic they hope to emulate in our store.

Cierra and Elise thank you from the bottom of their hearts for your support. You are lifting up two local families every time you share their story, make a purchase, and cheerlead them from afar.

Xo, Cierra and Elise

Don’t tell people your dreams. Show them.