Multi Stone Asymmetrical Drop Statement Earrings

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Blurring the lines between sculpture and fashion earrings, our Bali artisans hand cut each asymmetrical shape and stone to create these wearable pieces of art. Pink opal, apatite, turquoise, and moonstone sit in harmony with gold vermeil.



  • Handmade in Bali
  • 18k gold vermeil
  • Earring length: 2 3/4 "
  • Pink opal promotes compassion; moonstone brings new beginnings; turquoise protects, apatite is the stone of manifestation
  • Each stone is unique; actual color and shape may vary slightly
  • Part of our experimental line, Rasa. Compared to other Anna Beck collections, Rasa pieces are heavier, feature natural stones, and utilize modern design techniques.
Collections: Fashion Jewelry Vendors: Anna Beck SKU: er10372